Omar Angel Perotti


Omar Angel Perotti

Governor of the Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.

Omar Ángel Perotti was born in the city of Rafaela, on September 16, 1959. When he began his university education, he moved to the city of Santa Fe, where he received his National Public Accountant degree from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, on March 3 of 1983, later he received the title of Master in Territorial Development at the National Technological University - Rafaela Regional School on November 25, 2019.
In 1991, at the age of 32, he was elected Mayor of Rafaela. The municipal management deserved in 1995 the national award for Total Quality, awarded by the Presidency of the Nation.
In 1995 he was Minister of Production of the Province of Santa Fe.
In 1999 he was elected provincial senator for the Castellanos Department. In 2002, he settled for a year in Washington DC to complement his training at the Inter-American Development Bank.
His return to public management was again at the head of the Municipality of Rafaela, which he acceded to after winning the elections in 2003, being reelected in 2007.
He was elected National Deputy for the Front for Victory for the period 2011-2015, being Vice President of the Science and Technology Commission and President of the Parliamentary Group with China. Later in his 2015-2019 mandate as National Senator, he chaired the Science and Technology Commission, was Vice President of the Foreign Relations and Worship Commission and Co Vice President for the Latin American component of the Euro Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EUROLAT).
Since December 10, 2019 he has served as Governor of the Province of Santa Fe.

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