Ndiritu Muriithi


Ndiritu Muriithi

Laikipia County Governor, Kenya

He is an economist and financial markets expert with over 24 years of leadership and management experience in Kenya, South Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Governor Muriithi has spearheaded numerous financial market strengthening initiatives in African countries including the establishment of credit rating institutions, and has enhanced the role of the bond market, the expansion of mortgage markets and even the growth of companies owned by women. He was primarily involved in the design and implementation of these programs and contributed to the development of financial markets that provide necessary services to many nations.

He previously served as a member of parliament for the West Laikipia constituency in the Kenyan National Assembly and as an assistant minister for industrialization between 2013 and 2007 in the government of the third president HE. Mwai Kibaki.

He was involved in reforms to improve the business environment and improve incentives to promote investments. He also participated in the development of policies and laws related to finance and economics, such as legislation on the establishment of credit bureaus, interest rates, taxes, and other fiscal measures.

He went to Shamanei Elementary School, Kagumo High School for his "O" levels, and then to the prestigious Alliance High School for his "A" levels. In 1990 he graduated with a BA in Economics and Finance from St. Francis Xavier University in Canada. He attended the Sydney University of Technology in 1994 and 1995 to obtain a Master of Project Management.

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