Nahuel Di Paolo


Nahuel Di Paolo

Vice President of the Technological Cluster of Córdoba, Argentina

Nahuel Di Paolo has a degree in Computer Science and studies in the Business area. He is a technological entrepreneur and has an active participation in the technological ecosystem of Córdoba. Since 2005 he has been Vice President of the Technological Cluster of Córdoba, an entity that groups together software companies and other information technologies in the region, an organization in which he has actively worked in developing programs that allow training new talents for the sector and to link to the academic sector with the productive sector with special interest in the field of artificial intelligence, the digital transformation of organizations and various areas of the knowledge economy. He has represented the technological sector of Córdoba in missions organized by the provincial government. He was vice president of the Agency for Economic Development of the City of Córdoba (ADEC) and chaired its executive committee during 2020, an entity in which he is currently part of its Board of Directors.

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