Marco Dini


Marco Dini

Economic Affairs Officer

Italian, graduated in political science from the University of Bologna. He has obtained the Advanced Study Diploma in economics at the University of Lleida, Spain.
He has worked for almost 30 years in Latin America, in national institutions (CORFO and SERCOTEC of Chile) and international (UNIDO, MIF, UNDP, European Union), contributing to the design, management and evaluation of promotion programs and policies for the productive sector and to the development of professional training and awareness-raising activities, with special attention to the issues of clusters, local economic development, business networks and supplier development.
Since 2013, he has been ECLAC's economic affairs officer. His area of work is SMEs and the respective development policies implemented by the public sector in Latin America. In this context, it has participated in technical assistance projects in a dozen countries in the region and has contributed to conducting research on policies for innovation and productive coordination.
Throughout his career he has published more than thirty articles on the topics of his specialization.

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