Jhon Alexander Rojas Cabrera


Jhon Alexander Rojas Cabrera

Governor of the Department of Nariño, Colombia

"He is the first governor of Nariño registered by signatures, the first governor victim of the armed conflict and the first governor of peasant origin."

Graduated in Law from the Universidad Libre de Cali, and has a Master's degree in Health Services Management and Direction from the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Master in Criminology, Criminal and Penitentiary Sciences from the University of Nariño - Santiago de Cali University.

He is also a Specialist in Health Services Management from the Cooperative University of Colombia, a Specialist in Hospital Management from the Higher School of Public Administration and a Specialist in Senior Management from the Mariana University.

He has experience as a Trainer in alternative conflict resolution for the Future Corporation in areas of high intensity of the armed conflict in Nariño in municipalities such as: Samaniego, La Llanada, Los Andes Sotomayor, Cumbitara, Leiva, El Rosario and Policarpa.

Between 2008 and 2014, I worked in the Comfamiliar de Nariño, first as Deputy Director of Health of the EPS, and later as Administrative Director of the Family Compensation Fund. Achieving, place this EPS as the best in Colombia in the subsidized regime.

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