Franco Boneu


Franco Boneu

Secretary of Innovation for Management of the Ministry of Coordination of the Government of the province of Córdoba, Argentina

Degree in Economics (National University of Córdoba) and diploma in Ecometrics and Senior Management in Public Administration. He served as a consultant and teacher and began his career in public administration in 2000.
He has held positions as Provincial Chief of Instruction of INDEC CBA; Sectorialist PGB in the Statistics and Census Management; Head of Tax Statistics of the Ministry of Finance; General Coordinator in the General Secretariat of the Interior; Manager of Design and Planning of Special Programs in the Secretariat of Public Information and Special Programs; Head of the area of the Management System by Objectives in the Ministry of Public Function; General Director of Administration and Undersecretary of Administration and Personnel Coordination in the General Secretariat of the Interior and Secretary of Innovation and Modernization of the Ministry of Finance. As Secretary of Innovation for Management of the Ministry of Coordination, since 2019 he has implemented digitization policies that improve people's quality of life and accompany citizens in their personal and professional development.

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