Fernando Flórez Espinosa


Fernando Flórez Espinosa

Manager of the Administrative and Special Planning Region (RAPE), Colombia.

Fernando Flórez Espinosa is a Business Manager, with a Specialization in New Technologies, Innovation and City Management from the Universidad Externado de Colombia, as well as an eMBA from the Instituto de la Empresa in Madrid (Spain). He was elected mayor of the Colombian city of Tunja for the period 2012-15. During his tenure, the city was relocated to First Category thanks to its financial management and results. Additionally, he was on the List of Best Mayors of the Colombia Líder Foundation, as well as the Fourth Best Mayor in the Country, according to Figures & Concepts.

Before his tenure as mayor, Mr. Flórez was also the heat secretary of the Colombian Department of Boyacá, Director for Boyacá of CAPRECOM (Public Health Organization for Communication Sector Workers), Regional Delegate for the Caribbean Coast and former Territories Nationals of the National Social. Red Solidaria, Director of Planning of the City of Tunja and Secretary General of the Departmental Institute of Development of Boyacá (IDEBOY), as well as General Director of the Departmental Institute of Sports of Boyacá (INDEPORTES).

He was awarded the 2014 Child Nutrition Award from Fundación Éxito in the “1000 Days” category; In 2015 he won the “Dynamizer of the digital environment” award, awarded by the Ministry of Information Technologies of Colombia.

He obtained the 2006 Boyacá Sports Executive of the Year award, awarded by the Boyacá Sports Reporters Association (ACORD Boyacá) and in 2008 he was nominated for the Sports Executive of the Year award by the National Sports Reporters Association (ACORD) and the National Institute of Sports (COLDEPORTES).

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