Carlos Hugo Molina


Carlos Hugo Molina

Director of the Center for Participation and Sustainable Human Development (CEPAD)

Lawyer with a specialty in Constitutional and Administrative Law from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
National Secretary of Popular Participation.
Governor of the Department of Santa Cruz.
Rector of the National Ecological University.
He has 28 books published on legal, political and literary matters.
Coordinates research on "Intermediate Cities as Nodes of territorial development" in the Bolivian and Latin American sphere.
You have received:
a) The “Citizen Merit” medal awarded by the Municipal Government of Santa Cruz de la Sierra on 2 occasions (1990 and 2007).
b) Designation as "Meritorious Teacher of the Democracy Chair, for his contribution to the struggle of the Bolivian people to achieve the recovery of the democratic system", Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University, October 2007.
c) Decoration "Meritorious Professional of the Plurinational State" through the Chamber of Deputies, July 2013.
d) Doctorate Honoris Causa, imposed by the Honorable World Academy of Education, August 2016.

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