Andrew Roberts Cummings


Andrew Roberts Cummings

Researcher and teacher in Master's Degree in Territorial Development at the 'José Simeón Cañas' Central American University, El Salvador.

Master's and Doctorate from the Department of Development and Planning of the University of Aalborg, with research specialization in the emergence and evolution of innovation capacities and territorial systems of innovation in the Central American and Latin American context. Special focus on innovation in social enterprises, small-scale rural agribusiness for more inclusive and sustainable development.

Development anthropologist who conducts research on various problems related to territorial development in the Salvadoran and Central American context in the periphery of the Global South. Methodological development and implementation of various research initiatives at the national, regional and especially territorial level, using quantitative, qualitative and participatory action research methodologies.

Extensive experience as a development practitioner, researcher - facilitator of territorial development dialogues, accumulated over 25 years of experience working in non-governmental think-tanks for development and universities in El Salvador. Also as an international consultant for the design and evaluation of territorial development initiatives in Central America and Mexico.

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