UDUAL | Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean


UDUAL | Union of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean

Universities and Research Centers Co-organizer

We are an organization of universities and higher education institutions in the region, founded in 1949 and aimed at the purpose of establishing firm ties of cooperation, within a framework of respect and plurality, with a clear commitment to the social bonding of higher education.

Throughout its history, we have brought together the largest number of universities and higher education institutions, around common purposes and with a decided orientation in favor of the internationalization of education, quality teaching and the promotion of research and education. knowledge linked to the solution of social, environmental and cultural problems in the region.

Since its foundation, one of our emblematic values is the defense of university autonomy as the essence of academic institutions, both in its governance and internal administration and in its unrestricted respect for freedom of thought, teaching and research.

Our purpose is to strengthen academic exchange, mobility, recognition and transfer of credits, as well as strengthening the evaluation and quality assurance processes.

Currently, we have more than 200 affiliated universities in 22 countries in Latin America. We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization, recognized by UNESCO as a regional advisory and consultation body. 

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