Global Forum of the Social Economy - GSEF


Global Forum of the Social Economy - GSEF

Local and Regional Governments and their associations and Civil society organizations Co-organizer

The Global Forum of the Social Economy is a global network of social and solidarity economy that serves as a center of operations for various actors who wish to share their wishes and experiences at an international level with other organizations based on multilateral alliances (public-private-collective) to build a better, fairer, inclusive and humane world.

The Global Forum of the Social Economy yearns for the harmonious progress of the market economy, the public economy, the social economy and ecology in general. This type of progress will take advantage of the abilities of all people and will solve social problems through solidarity between the subjects of the social economy.

The objectives of the GSEF:

  • The Forum wants to be a global solidarity network that works to achieve these goals. Action plan
  • The Forum will promote personal and material exchange between the main global players in the social economy. To do this, it will establish a virtual and real platform and launch various programs.
  • The Forum will support the creation of stable social economy networks through public-private-community alliances between local governments and non-governmental organizations.
  • The Forum will support the creation of social economy associations and regional organizations to support the social economy. Through these organizations, the Forum will promote projects in collaboration with the aim of disseminating the practice of the social economy on a global scale.
  • The Forum understands that it has a responsibility to help developing countries suffering from the scourge of poverty and underdevelopment, thus it is committed to promoting global solidarity and cooperation in the field of social economy to improve the environment, economy, society and culture of these countries.
  • The Forum will support world movements compatible with the social values it defends and will also promote collective action to solve the problems facing humanity.
  • If deemed necessary, the Forum may create a monetary fund to promote the social economy.

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