Civil society organizations and International Organizations and Development Agencies Co-organizer

The initiative DELGEN (Local Economic Development and Gender) has a consortium of 7 organizations that bring a wide and diversified network of alliances at the local, national and regional levels, which allows increasing the capacity to reach the territories and local key actors: governments local associations, municipal associations, local economic development agencies (LEDAs), cooperatives, private sector among others. What unifies this group is a common approach to the multidimensionality of territorial development, a bank of technical capacities, experiences and knowledge in complementary areas of territorial human development with a widespread presence in all the countries of the region.

The organizations of the DELGEN initiative have a consensual vision about what gender equality means in local development, and brings a clear and substantive proposal: local economic development is more sustainable, more effective and more inclusive if the perspective of gender in all actions, from the creation of alliances and definition of priorities to the design, development and evaluation of territorial plans and policies.

  • Panama / Latin America and the Caribbean
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