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The importance of open-air shopping centers as a strategy to encourage local development

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  • The panel of experts will provide a diverse overview of the concept of an open-air shopping center based on three basic aspects to consider in the revitalization of commercial areas:

    1. The development of an open shopping center project. What it consists of, characteristics and components.
    2. Urban trends in open shopping centers. The new materialities
    3. Management and management of open shopping centers. A Spanish experience: the case of the city of Bilbao

    Main discussion points:

    • Revitalization of commercial areas
    • The concept of open-air commercial areas
    • Management and management of open-air shopping centers
    • Trends and new materials in open-air shopping centers
    • Promote the need for cities to regain the prominence of neighborhoods or sectors that are part of their history and that through joint actions between public and private organizations benefits are achieved for all actors in the sector.
    • Contribute to the revitalization of urban sectors by recovering the scale of the pedestrian and generating activities and services that invite you to visit it, boosting its commercial potential.
    • Promote in the inhabitants and merchants of the sectors to intervene the sense of belonging to the place, committing them to the strengthening of its urban landscape, based on its identity components both at the level of buildings and public spaces as well as its history, activities, customs and values past and present, so that they become a place of attraction and call for both city dwellers and tourists.


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