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Smart specialization strategies European Union - Latin America

Presentation of the key aspects of the methodology for the elaboration of smart specialization strategies and the starting opportunities or conditions to undertake a process of RIS3 strategic definition, especially aimed at informing and motivating territorial governments not initiated in this field.

  • Promote a dialogue between facilitators and promoters of the methodology for smart specialization strategies, through the presentation of RIS3 plans in practice and the exchange of experiences on the approaches, dynamics, results and future perspectives of schemes that have supported intelligent specialization in third countries, in a dedicated way, linked to other objectives, at an official EU - bi-regional level, etc.
  • Publicize the most relevant methodological foundations of smart specialization strategies.
  • Motivate political actors to adopt the method.
  • Present supporting resources for RIS3 strategies.
  • Facilitate the establishment of inter-institutional and inter-territorial collaboration dynamics.




Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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