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Meeting of development agencies: "The new role of development agencies in the territories in the context of post-pandemic crisis". Learnings and challenges.

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    The session consists of an international meeting of local development agencies, with the participation of institutions and provincial and national governments, during which the role of agencies in the face of the new pandemic context and the challenges of the institutional framework to address inequality in the face of the crisis.
    It will be divided into two panels, a national one with a focus on the importance of Public-Private articulation to generate dynamic tools to respond to demand, and an international one where the role of agency networks will be exposed in the face of new challenges in post territories. -pandemic.
    Finally, there will be a closing with the generation of cooperation commitments to work in the future.


    The General Objective of the session is to present and discuss the importance of the role played by development agencies as multi-level institutions capable of addressing territorial problems derived from the pandemic crisis caused by covid-19
    As specific objectives, the dissemination and knowledge of the Federation of Development Agency of the Argentine Republic (Fadelra), the generation of agreements and inter-institutional agreements to respond to the inequality caused by the crisis, the dissemination of the institutional model which proposes the public-private articulation and the importance of sustaining and strengthening cooperation networks as a tool for executing policies for the territory as well as the internationalization of FadelRa as a network of agencies in Argentina, integrating international networks to face the new challenges posed .


    13:45 Presentation of the activity: Daniel Frana -FadelRa

    13:50 Conversation: Panel 1: "Experiences of public-private and multilevel articulation to face the challenges of the covid crisis in Argentina"

    Moderators: Marcelo Machado - Daiana Cardoso


    • Omar Farah- Ideb Tandil Agency
    • Natalia Álvarez- ADE San Nicolás
    • Daniel Costamagna - Government Prov. Santa Fe

    14:35 Round of questions and final conclusions of the panel

    14:45 Conversation: Panel 2: National and international policies to promote cooperation networks with development agencies

    Moderators: Antonio Demasi - José Parra


    • Roberta Dal 'Ollio- Eurada. European Union
    • Esteban Pelayo Villarejo -Eurada. European Union.
    • Carlos Callejas Pérez- Adelco Colombia
    • Rafael Escamilla Domínguez -ADR Spain Forum- Sepyme Argentina

    15:35 Round of questions and final conclusions of the panel

    15:50 Closing of the activity



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