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Keys for local economic development: The gaze of entrepreneurs

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    The V World Forum on Local Economic Development aims to facilitate dialogue and articulation between actors in order to promote exchanges, foster cooperation and promote joint actions that contribute to promoting local economic development.

    In this framework, and based on the importance of the private sector as a fundamental actor in local economic development, a parallel activity is proposed from the perspective of entrepreneurs. This space aims to generate an environment where the voice of the business sector is heard regarding its vision on Local Economic Development processes, as well as expressing the specific needs of the different productive sectors, particularly in the current context of pandemic, and in this way to propose and influence the current multilevel public and political agenda, in order to address the main problems and needs of the different sectors towards the construction of sustainable development in the territories.


    Modality: virtual: zoom + streaming.

    Two blocks will be developed, in each one, a keynote lecture and a dialogue table with the participation of businessmen from different countries and economic sectors and a moderator.


    Objective: Generate a space for dialogue and exchange on the perspective of the business sector in relation to local economic development and particularly in identifying what are the main requirements and guidelines of policies that companies require as substantial development factors, considering the effects of the pandemic and the new challenges for companies in their role as generators of employment and value for the territories.


    Registrations: https://youtu.be/mzA2hj-Dxok 

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