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#AlearningWithCGLU - Building Resilience through the Donut Economy

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  • Category  Workshop |   Duration  1h |   Platform  Zoom


    In April 2020, Amsterdam announced the adoption of the new 'Donut Economy' model proposed by economist Kate Raworth. Since then, this model has gained great attention due to its relevance in the midst of the great inequalities and vulnerabilities that the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted. The 'Donut Economy' allows us to rethink the linear economic growth model, seeking instead to guarantee equitable social minimums - broadly framed in the right to the city, local economic development, and participatory democracy - without exceeding the ecological limits that can lead to greater threats to our communities.

    This session will present a learning game / dynamic developed by the UCLG learning team, as part of the Learning Modules on Resilience, published and implemented together with UN-Habitat and UNDRR. Participants will be part of an innovative and entertaining dynamic, based on the 'Donut Economy' model, through which they will reflect on the role of economic, social, and cultural policies to strengthen the resilience of their communities in harmony. with the planet.

    • Share experiences and dynamic and innovative learning and training resources on urban resilience and ecological transition.
    • Reflect in a dynamic way the way in which local public policies in social, cultural, and economic spheres can contribute to strengthening social resilience and the foundation of inclusive, equitable and sustainable territories.
    • Motivate participants to reflect on the ecological impact of different public policies and the current growth model, and find opportunities for innovation and synergies between the different departments and areas of local administration.
    Structure / Agenda
    • 10 minutes - Introduction to Social Resilience, Scopes and the Donut Economy
    • 40 minutes - Game "Donut Economy" - Three rounds consisting of division into four breakout rooms (4), group work and plenary presentations
    • 10 minutes - Final thoughts and additional resources
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