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Territorial systems conducive to SSE: construction of an analysis and planning framework (Session 2.3.2)

  • Event Category:
  • Thematic line: 2. Territorial economic models to address inequality in the current pandemic crisis
  • Thematic subline: 2.3. The potential of alternative economic models to drive a just transition to more cohesive societies

    Category  Co-creation session |   Duration  2h30min |   Platform  Zoom


    The Social and Solidarity Economy is an inherently 'territorial' practice, but it is not always fully connected to the key drivers of local (economic) development and local governance processes.

    Therefore, to harness the transformative potential of the SSE, it is essential to explore the conditions and promote strategies to further integrate it with local development systems.

    This session aims to promote a co-creation process in the application of a guide-tool for local governments on SSE policies and its implementation in different scenarios associated with the respective contexts of the participants.




    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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