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Facilitating territorial responses to local needs and inequalities amplified by the crisis: the strategic value of alternative economic models (Session 2.3.1)

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  • Thematic line: 2. Territorial economic models to address inequality in the current pandemic crisis
  • Thematic subline: 2.3. The potential of alternative economic models to drive a just transition to more cohesive societies
  • Category  Panel |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Streaming


    Alternative economic approaches that combine social and environmental values as the basis for locally driven and people-centered development paths can be highly relevant in addressing inequalities and unsustainable patterns amplified by the current crisis.

    This session aims to bring together experts from some of the most recognized approaches to illustrate their conceptual foundations and possible implications for informing territorial policies in response to the crisis.



    The objective of the session is to provide a comparative overview of the conceptual foundations of the different emerging alternative approaches to economic development, and their relevance to inform a response to growing inequalities and multiple social and environmental needs from an integrated territorial perspective.

    The reference may include, among others, models and practices associated with the Social and Solidarity Economy; the economics of welfare; the post-growth economy; the founding economy; the economy of the commons; the post-growth economy; the donut economy.

    The proposed session format is a panel in which experts from the different emerging approaches and associated practices will share their method and discuss its possible application in different contexts, with special emphasis on the implications for the formulation of public policies at the local / territorial level. and as part of integrated and multi-layered strategies.

    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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