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Territorial public policies and public-private partnerships for empowerment and investment in women's businesses (Session 2.2.3)

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  • Thematic line: 2. Territorial economic models to address inequality in the current pandemic crisis
  • Thematic subline: 2.2. Socio-economic empowerment of women in recovery strategies: an effective means to reduce inequalities

    Category  Workshop |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Zoom


    Inequalities in Latin America have a territorial component and, therefore, policies have spatially differentiated effects. Before the health and economic crisis, rural women faced a series of civic, social, economic and institutional challenges. Among them are high migration rates, lack of personal and collective empowerment, difficulty in accessing paid activities and / or undertaking economic activities, as well as less access and control of information and technologies compared to their male counterparts.

    These gaps have deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these crises also provide opportunities to innovate and seek solutions to these inequalities. Therefore, it is important to address both research and plans to influence this area, especially those that aim to reduce these gaps. While greater cooperation and dialogue within and between regions is key to advancing any policy or partnership related to economic development, policy makers and academics need to better understand the relationship between territorial characteristics and the factors involved in the economic empowerment of women. This will contribute to the improvement of policies and programs aimed at them in this complex scenario.

    Then, in this panel, the experiences and proposals of territorial public policies and public-private alliances will be explored, as well as empirical investigations that contribute to the debate in this area.



    • Explore diagnoses on existing policies, programs, and public-private partnerships for the economic empowerment of rural women before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Discuss works that analyze and / or map the current situation of rural women workers in Latin American territories
    • Examine initiatives and programs that provide tools and skills for the financial inclusion of rural women under the scenario of health and economic crisis
    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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