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The territory as a basis for innovation and economic, social and environmental reactivation (Session 1)

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  • Thematic line: 1. The Territory as a basis for social, economic and environmental innovation
  • Thematic subline: general

    Category  Plenary |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Streaming


    The session will address the reflection on the elements capable of promoting innovation and economic recovery - as an application of knowledge and the assessment of care to the improvement of people's quality of life - to promote resilience and cohesion, even in the current health and economic crisis.

    The capacity of a territory to convert the knowledge and experiences of the communities into social, economic and environmental innovation, ensuring their transfer, the enhancement of endogenous resources, the collaboration between actors or the generation of smart specialization strategies and systems are fundamental variables for its development.

    Local and regional governments are the public actors that encourage and accompany territorial development. With the "Pact for the Future", local and regional governments are manifesting a paradigm shift in the concept of territorial economic development, promoting a resilient recovery in all dimensions.

    During the session, perspectives and visions of leaders from different regions and contexts are focused, showing inspiration for local and global economic development from their territories.



    1. The articulation between actors and the role of the private sector, academia and civil society. Sustainable development, and local economic development in particular, require a system of actors to support and strengthen local productivity and with that employment, knowledge and innovation.

    2. The challenge and recovery from the pandemic. It is clear that the emergency requires alternatives to the economic model of global and financial growth, largely driven by speculative cycles (hyps) that were unfolding after World War II. What are the innovation processes led by local governments? What are the support measures for stakeholder systems that local, regional and national governments will be able to provide?

    3. There are references, examples of Innovation towards processes of sustainable and inclusive growth: the local-based circular economy, the resilient economy, urban-rural economic systems.
    4. Territorial Innovation Systems, transform knowledge into innovation. In this case, a fundamental change can be observed, connectivity previously associated with technology parks and tax incentives, appears today through new variables. Data is key, how to invest in smart specialization?

    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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