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Comprehensive and sustainable networks of companies, institutions and local strategies (Session 1.3.1)

  • Event Category:
  • Thematic line: 1. The Territory as a basis for social, economic and environmental innovation
  • Thematic subline: 1.3. Private initiative and co-responsibility in the construction of cohesive territories

    Category  Round table |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Streaming


    Faced with new territorial challenges, business networks and institutions linked to local economic development begin to promote areas of "competence", where inter-institutional cooperation allows creating new configurations in the territory. Against this new context, new competition spaces based on innovation can be built. Territorial intelligence allows promoting spaces for innovation and projection of local and regional development, with a view to improving the productive system and the consumer experience.



    This section aims to promote discussion on the role of the private sector in local and regional development, as well as the generation of articulated networks of territorial innovation. Analyze the benefits of cooperation in territorial empowerment and the recognition of new business competition strategies, through the promotion of innovative actions with a territorial impact.


    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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