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Infrastructures and public services: instruments for reactivation and territorial cohesion (Session 1.2.3)

  • Event Category:
  • Thematic line: 1. The Territory as a basis for social, economic and environmental innovation
  • Thematic subline: 1.2. Innovative strategies for a post-pandemic time. Towards inclusive and resilient collaborative times

    Category  Round table |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Zoom


    Public infrastructures and services are essential to maintain territorial balance and social cohesion. In particular, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to guarantee health and sanitary services to the entire population.

    In addition to the protection of people in vulnerable situations, services and infrastructures allow a better territorial distribution, by providing territories beyond the cities.



    This round table will give space to reflection, from different territorial perspectives, on how infrastructures and public services are established as essential instruments to build more cohesive societies and territories. Special attention will be paid to the rural urban link, the fundamental needs that manage to maintain the population in their territories and the impetus for their economic reactivation.


    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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