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Alliances and partnerships between actors: towards co-responsibility to address crisis contexts and achieve sustainable objectives (Session 1.1.1)

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  • Thematic line: 1. The Territory as a basis for social, economic and environmental innovation
  • Thematic subline: 1.1. The territory as a source of innovation, knowledge and transfer

    Category  Round tables |   Duration  1h30min |   Platform  Zoom

    The territory is the place where relationships of coexistence are established and social practices are configured and promoted. In addition, it is a space that generates resources, knowledge and transfer; as well as the enhancement of innovation and cooperation dynamics.

    Local and regional governments as facilitators of alliances and partnerships between all the actors in the territory facilitate the integration of policies (horizontal and vertical), allow the increase of competences and new legal frameworks, ensure governance, promote innovative and sustainable policies and ensure the provision of public services, among others.

    These policies of alliances between actors require the implementation of strategies that increase synergies between actors and institutions and strengthen multilevel governance models. Integrated and participatory territorial planning also links rural and urban activities for balanced territorial development.

    Currently, our societies are facing an unprecedented crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic. And to the extent that local and regional governments are the intermediary between citizens and the State due to their proximity, they are essential in the articulation of the different levels of government to guarantee a real multilevel governance.

    In the current context, a dynamic action plan is essential that, with a systemic and strategic territorial vision, encourages participation, co-creation and political dialogue that contributes to a better balance of the territories, a better quality of life of their communities, which provide resilience and build a dignified future, redesigning economically competitive territories, physically and digitally connected and socially cohesive.



    This round table, aims to be a space for reflection and exchange of concepts, strategies and experiences, where the importance of strengthening cooperation between actors in the territory is addressed, especially citizen participation and local democracy as pillars of development, placing all citizens at the center of the debate.

    It also aims to reach conclusions and an effective proposal, which allows to strengthen alliances and local democracy, for which, local and regional elected representatives are invited to propose how: to implement a logic of co-creation from a vision of multilevel governance and multi-actor; generate the capacity to innovate; create structures for dialogue, work and evaluation commissions; take on the challenge of management that demonstrates transparency.

    Discussion space of the World Forum for Local Economic Development

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