The headquarters of the V World Forum on Local Economic Development was held in Córdoba. Located in the center of Argentina, it represents one of the oldest populations in the extreme south of the American continent, with almost 446 years of life.

The city is located in the heart of Mercosur and is the second city in Argentina in number of inhabitants. The Historic Center, the first pedestrian zone in the country, its colonial architecture recognized as world heritage, its squares, schools, shopping centers, parks, the proximity to the mountains and the warmth and hospitality of its people invite you to take a walk and return to the city of Córdoba.

Córdoba was founded by the Sevillian Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera on July 6, 1573, and was initially conceived as a Spanish town to serve as a refuge for the Indians to move and trade freely. Its location favors it strategically, becoming a distribution center for goods and services.

The city is known for the presence of students from all over the world and for the active participation of its neighboring towns. The Educational Parks, which were born in the city in 2015, are the most complete proof that the new governance and the participation of the neighbors are its reason for being. In its city layout, modern architecture coexists with Spanish colonial architecture, highlighting the Jesuit Block and its seven universities, including the National University of Córdoba, one of the oldest in South America.

Córdoba, a cosmopolitan city connected by land and also by air through the International Airport, is also characterized by its tourist circuit, exquisite gastronomy, hotels, walks, shopping centers and entertainment venues.